Touch and Go

If you’ve been listening to the style of music that has been labeled “alternative rock” for more than a week and a half, there’s a good chance that you own several stacks of albums that were recorded by members of the band Shellac. Steve Albini and Bob Weston have had an immense impact of what the music of our time “sounds” like. Listening to Shellac for the first time is an eye opener. As a band, they are the missing puzzle piece that brings everything together. After you’ve become familiar with the band and it’s “sound” in particular, you’ll have a firmer foundation from which to view other music. Shellac is like required reading. While you don’t necessarily have to enjoy the music Shellac makes to be an educated listener, you should respect what Shellac does. Steve Albini is a man that demands a black or white response. He is equally adored and reviled for his work and opinions within the music world. I happen to be a fan who stops somewhere short of hero worship. I also understand why my friend Wes, for instance, really can’t stand the man. Nevertheless, track down something by this band. Terraform is damn good, as is their last LP, At Action Park, and for that matter, so are the handful of 7 inches that are all available through Touch and Go. You’re a better person just for having them in your record collection. Touch and Go, P.O. Box 25520, Chicago, IL 60625

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