Terry Lee Brown Junior

Terry Lee Brown Junior

Chocolate Chords

Plastic City America

There have become way too many categories and subcategorizes of music to even place this correctly. I’d say house, but it’s more progressive than what I remember house being years ago. So is it Progressive House? No, because that doesn’t sound right either. Hopefully you catch my drift, because I just can’t place it for those that want to know. It kicks off pretty mellow but very dancy with “Straylight.” For the rest of the album, the names don’t seem to matter. The songs flow from one to another almost unknowingly. I find myself thirty minutes into the album always wondering what track and name I’ve reached. I don’t think it matters. When it comes to a solid techno/house/whatever-you-label-it album, it’s the method that’s important. Terry Lee Brown mixes it “dark and sweet” for Chocolate Chords. It’s a perfect album to put on if you are having a house party and just don’t want to think about what to put on next.

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