The Dave Weckl Band

The Dave Weckl Band

Rhythm of the Soul


It’s about time! Dave Weckl, the most religiously dedicated drummer of all time, has finally returned to do his own thing (with Jay Oliver, of course). This recording has a more raw sound and feeling to it, less recording technique and more rocking. The anti-technicians of the world can shut their mouth; Weckl proves on “Transitional Jam” that even with a 4-piece practice kit & broken cymbals he can still kick some major ass. Some of the music on this CD gives a rare look at his humorous side… “Good Night” is a silly, disjointed 30-second drum/organ jam that you’d expect to hear on a Mr. Bungle album (not an exaggeration, it really is twisted… extremely refreshing, though.) Overall, the music on this CD sounds like a modernized Sanford & Son/Barney Miller theme, but never becomes a bunch of trendy, retro crap. “Access Denied” is great; built on a short spy-like thematical statement, it repeatedly transforms into a hyper, singles-galore, double-bass & chinaboy rockout drum solo. A most brilliant form! I feel bad for not mentioning how great the other musicians are, but the fact is: when an amazing drummer like Dave Weckl is playing, that’s all I need to hear to be completely satisfied

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