The Spills

The Spills

Mondo Cane

Stiff Pole

Let me put it this way: anything on the Stiff Pole label I am going to love. Stiff Pole is the most protruding punk production pod in the country! Mondo Cane, from St. Pete, Florida’s The Spills, stays hard to the rule when it comes to excellent punk rock product from Stiff Pole.

This is fast, furious, trashy, snotty punk rock at its best: great guitars, bouncy bass, swift kick-in-the-butt drums and, and, hey! Wait a minute! I just put the CD in! Is it over already? Fifteen songs in less than a half an hour? What is this? It’s punk, that’s what it is! And in about twenty-eight minutes, I heard “Baby It’s You,” about girls who date idiots, “Frustrated,” a song about being frustrated, and “Waste My Time;” all blazing fast, power guitar punk rock.

Dig this punk title: “Same Shit… Different Girl;” man, I’d wish I’d written that! The Spills would fit in right with 1977/78 and are just as perfect for 1997/98! All punks need to hear what’s on this album. Damn, this is punk rock! Stiff Pole Records, P.O. Box 20721, St. Petersburg, FL 33742

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