Tribes of Neurot

Tribes of Neurot

Static Migration


Relapse has continually expanded their Release label to contain a lot of underground music on the other side of the spectrum from what they usually operate on. Tribes of Neurot have gone right along with that expansion. This album can be summed up as a Sixties psychedelic album with Nineties technology. Another analogy for this album would be to imagine a young Pink Floyd getting into a crippling van accident on the way to a drive-in horror movie. Although I have the feeling that the writers of this music meant for you not to be sober when you listen to this, I will not commit to that statement for legal purposes. First you put on the album and you hear this slow and eerie song that you would hear in the back of your head if you were stalking someone on a cold and rainy night. The next track just starts in with this pounding, almost tribal beat that just builds in intensity without ever really peaking. This is the type of feeling that you get while you listen to this album; it’s perfect music for that dark and lonely night that we all spend alone sometimes. For your adventure into the world of Ambiance, Darkness and Psychedelia, pick this up! Relapse, P.O. Box 251, Millersville, PA 17751;

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