Trophy Wife

Trophy Wife

Trophy Wife


“She Cooks! She Shops! She Rocks!” And rocks well, I say, on this sensibly packaged, tastefully done album of upper middle-class career women pop rock. This effort from Trophy Wife is loaded with high-octane power pop and plenty of sneering punk sung by a self-labeled “chick singer.”

The appeal of this album is in the awesome blend of power pop, humorous punk, and wobbly spaceship sounds, or “galactic guitar” as the band puts it. The fourteen songs deal with self-examination, the mysteries of life, and junk food.

That’s a good enough punk trinity, no? But let’s let the songs speak for themselves: “Alien” is an all-out interstellar battle of waa-waa and fuzz. “Am I Real” is a psychedelic pop odyssey through someone’s tortured mind and keeps saying “get over it, get over it… ” I found “Am I Real” to be exceptionally groovy. “On Fire” is another power-guitar journey over a passion-drenched desert at sundown. It’s hot… “Bad Girls” is a classic power pop jump-up-and-downer about, well, bad girls and how they rule the world. It’s the most addictive song on the album, you can’t escape the wobbly organs! “American” is a near-punk tribute to the majesty of being an American — make room! You fast-track superwomen out there will appreciate the power pop paean, “Martha Stewart.” On the junk food side, there’s even a punk homage to tasty snacks! Trophy Wife, 915 NE 8th St. #107, Hallandale, FL 33009;

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