Punk List Zine

Punk List Zine

Issue #3

This little odd-sized (10” x 7″) zine is really neat. Not at all your typical punk rock zine, despite it’s title. Contributors are all members of the cyber-community known as the Punk List, an E-mail list whose members shoot the shit about life in general as well as punk rock. Contains several autobiographical pieces from members about their experiences as surfers, in the US Postal Service, and as political activists (three different people, silly), reviews of Russian (!) underground music, a dangerous recipe for absinthe, a beautifully odd fiction piece, and striking graphics throughout. Also more conventional music reviews and instructions on subscribing to the List, plus comes with a 20-song compilation tape (reviewed elsewhere herein), all for only $3! Punk List Zine 5907 Meridian Street, Los Angeles CA 90042

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