Heinous Bienfäng

Heinous Bienfäng

Satan’s Camaro


Bringing meaning to the word “multimedia,” this release from Bullsitter appears at first to be a comic book, but actually contains an enhanced audio CD, a 16-page “program guide” and a couple of postcards and stickers. The music on the disc is essentially four versions of “Satan’s Camaro,” a song that in its original form (included) is barely over a minute long. The other versions include a remix (by Q-Burns Abstract Message, no less), an instrumental, and the soundtrack to centerpiece of the whole affair, the “Satan’s Camaro” film.

The short is a well-done ten-minute original with an interesting and menacingly vague plot. Accompanying the film are some great graphics and a couple of shorter sidetracks with strange (and somewhat disturbing) images.

Overall, this is a great package, providing entertainment at all sorts of levels. As the technology for putting things like these together becomes cheaper and more accessible, more and more bands will be able to easily produce generic multimedia projects. It’s good to see someone pushing the envelope and doing it with this much style. Bullsitter Records, 4340 N. Park Dr., Tucker, GA 30084; http://www.heinous.com

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