Junior Brown

Junior Brown

Downtown Melbourne Art Festival, FL ï 4.25.98

Whoever was in charge of entertainment at the art show deserves a big pat on the back. It is not often that an artist with the talent of Junior Brown can be seen in this neck of the woods, for free even. And if you missed it, you missed a very accomplished musician. I will admit that at first I was wary of watching a country band, but I had seen one of his videos, and he wailed on a guitar. Junior has invented his own guitar, one that combines a standard electric with a steel guitar into a single instrument. Not only did he do country, he also threw in some blues, surf, and rockabilly. The audience was comprised of old people, young people, rednecks, and generation butt-crackers, and everyone who was there seemed to enjoy it very much.

Brown is the best guitarist that I have seen live, and his sense of humor in his songs was greatly appreciated by this new fan, especially the country tunes. Oh yeah, and he’s from Austin, TX!. Junior rules!

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