Sleeping in Sunday School

Dear Editor,

So much misinformation is getting out in the world these days that I just had to correct something I read in Cindy Rivers’ review of Soulfly. From the article, we discover that Max Cavalera doesn’t know his Bible but the writer doesn’t know it any better as she tries to correct him! He calls a song about killing, “First Commandment,” and Cindy rightfully states that “Thou shalt not kill” is not the First Commandment. However she states that “Honor your father and your mother” is. WRONG!

Everyone turn with me to Exodus Chapter 20. The first commandment is “I am the Lord your God; you shall have no other gods before me”. “Honor your father and mother” is the fifth commandment and “Thou shalt not kill” is #6. Obviously we have lost a good deal of knowledge by removing the Ten Commandments from our public schools, and writers ought to check their facts before matter-of-factly stating them. By the way, although I am a fan of heavy metal, the Bible has much better lyrics than any song, Soulfly or otherwise.


Pat Benedetto

Ft. Lauderdale

We stand corrected, though I feel the numerical error on both Max Cavalera’s and Cindy Rivers’ part is not quite as important as the message behind the ten commandments. –Ed.

Regarding Tommy Lee

Why is it, all these self-proclaimed disciplinarians such as Tommy Lee never apply their own sense of discipline to themselves? If Pamela needs a slap once in awhile, as Tommy has said, then surely, Tommy needs the same from someone bigger and stronger than he. Put more simply, why is it that all these whackers usually manage to whack someone smaller and weaker than they are?

And just exactly what is “a slap once in awhile?” A liar is someone who does not tell the truth, but someone who tells half-lies is worse and far more sinister, for he has lost track of the truth.

I hope, while in jail, Tommy can meet his counterpart for Pam: a big guy named Bubba saying “You MY little puppy NOW!” as R. Williams has said.

Peter Knudsvig

Germany (via Internet)

Sex Sells


I am disgusted and appalled at the content of your magazine. I usually pick up Ink 19 at my local record store, but I’m probably not going to do that anymore. Why? Your May issue, “Sex,” was filled with cheap, self-serving pornography. I can understand why you would want to explore the topic of sex, since it is something just about every adult is interested in, but the way you approached seems more suitable for Hustler than for a free magazine. Making fun of people’s genitals (“Sex, Lies and Ceiling Fans”)? Advocating unhealthy sexual practices (“The Swinging Combination”)? I only wish you had edited those two articles the same way you edited David Lee Beowülf’s “Monica Darling.”

Since your publication is free and generally available, I would think you would want to show more care about the material you print. I may not have any children, but I know I would be more than a little concerned if I caught one of them reading these articles. You should show some restraint and thought before publishing trash like that.

An ex-reader,

Mona Lagerfeld


Jeez, Mona, we’re sorry. I do admit that several (if not most) of the articles we printed were lewd in nature, but I would hardly classify them as pornography. While their content is highly sexual, and titillating if you’re in the right frame of mind, I fail to find a single graphic description of a sexual act – something which probably keeps them from qualifying as Hustler material. We write our features with the goal of expanding people’s minds, letting them know of other options and opinions out there. What you do with that information is solely up to you. Incidentally, what you thought was censorship on my part was actually placed there by Dave for effect. If you find that Ink 19 serves little nutritional purpose in your intellectual diet, well, so be it. –Ed.

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