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Lexicon’s Custom Shop line was formulated by an artist advisory panel and is aimed exclusively at the guitarist. The line’s first product is the MPX G2 effects processor. This unique processing unit is designed to work with any amp, combo or stack and can be inserted anywhere in the signal chain without altering the amp’s basic tone. Two separate signal paths allow effects such as compression, wah and analog overdrive to be placed in front of the amp, while other effects like delay, chorus and reverb can be placed in the amp’s effects loop. For direct recording or PA applications, the MPX G2 can be used without an amplifier as a stand-alone programmable analog preamp with effects. The MPX G2 utilizes a dual processor hardware scheme that allows the proprietary Lexichip (that lies at the heart of the legendary Lexicon reverb algorithms) to run simultaneously with a new fast-math DSP processor with its 32-bit effects. This results in increased flexibility and a depth and breadth of sonic dimensionality. The MPX G2 is designed to work with the companion MPX R1 MIDI remote controller pedal board. Even the remote controller has versatility designed with capabilities of switching up to four amplifier channels and controlling up to seven effects at once. Of course, any number of possible MIDI-controllable parameters can be switched and controlled through the MPX R1.

Another new product from the Lexicon Custom Shop is the Signature 284 All-Tube Class “A” stereo recording amplifier. The 284 is designed to give the tone of a “fully-cranked” amp while in situations where more reasonable volume levels are called for. The Signature 284 was designed for Lexicon by amplifier guru John McIntyre and uses three 12AX7 tubes and incorporates a switchable high-gain stage and beautifully voiced tone controls. To complete the sound of the Signature 284 is a stereo power amp section using two EL84 tubes in Class “A” configuration. Lexicon, 3 Oak Park, Bedford, MA 01730-1441;

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