EV SX-300

EV SX-300

PA Cabinet


How about a really awesome sounding cabinet for under $500.00? Well, the masters over at EVI (Electro-Voice International) have done it again. The EV SX-300 is an improvement of an amazing speaker that ruled the small P.A. market (the SX-200). While almost identical in physical appearance, those smart cookies over at EV have redesigned the inside of the cabinet and removed some annoying sonic anomalies that are inherent in almost all speaker design. “But how could they do this?” you might ask. Through the use of computer aided design and modeling, EV has created a phenomenon known as “Ring-Mode Decoupling,” or “RMD.” Borrowed from the X-Array system (currently being used by the Stones on their current tour), the polypropylene foam box (plastic cabinet) employs acoustic and mechanical ring modes to eliminate the annoying resonating frequencies found in speaker enclosure designs. These annoying sounds are noticed most after the music has stopped. Consequently, there is less sound coloration, and the original music is more faithfully reproduced.

The cabinet features a 12″ woofer and a 65×65 high frequency horn. There are many hanging options available (making it ideal for clustering) and the unit can even be turned on its side and feet can be inserted to make the SX-300 a floor monitor. The bottom of the cabinet offers a hole for convenient pole mounting. The EV SX-300 weighs in at a whopping 39lbs, making it rather light compared to most speakers costing half as much or twice as much. After intense studies by EV and independent pros (I’m not kidding), the 8 ohm cabinet has been established as liking to see 300 watts of continuous power .

Does it sound as good as the above description? A definite A+ for the folks at EV. This box has the clearest highs, the thumpiest lows, and the most up-front mid-range of any speaker in its class. It’s perfect for “one-man” acts, small DJ’s and almost all vocal applications (karoake pros love ’em). For a lightweight speaker, there is a lot of bottom end and crystal clear highs (like Perrier water crystal clear). If you need speakers, go check em out. The EV SX-300 retails for $798.00, but can be seen as low as $499.99. With a five-year warranty, EV has just opened new doors and given many ears the wonderful joy of music EVI Audio, 600 Cecil Street, Buchanan, MI 49107; http://www.electrovoice.com/

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