Adam Rich

Adam Rich

Flavor Savor

Love Muffin

I am hoping this isn’t the Adam Rich of Eight Is Enough. Just because I think he’s a dork. This album, though, isn’t dorky at all. Quite the contrary, it’s a fine, self-produced collection of rocking power pop tunes with lots of interesting surf guitar-like riffs and good vocals. I listened to Flavor Savor while driving a long stretch of highway in transit to a barbecue at Rick’s house, and I said to myself, “this is great driving music!” That is, it’s music for long hauls on the road, that adds to the feeling of freedom one gets when driving to a leisure event on a weekend. “Slice of Pie” and “Music to Relieve Yourself” are good starters, while “HerniaLand” is nothing short of amazing, in its blend of powerful, intricate guitar riffs and up-tempo beat. “Generation Next,” well, I’m a snob, and the lyrics got to me, but “Burnout” and “Superstar” got me back on the road. Love Muffin Records, 996 Eastlawn Drive, Highland Heights, OH 44143

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