Various Artists

3-2-1/Zero Hour

Now this is what I call hip hop! Sixteen, count `em sixteen underground tracks from the likes of Blackilicous, Datbu featuring DJ Kemit of Arrested Development, Badwai, Channel Live, and local hero Q Burns aka Dubmarine. Connected hooks you up with all the new school artists that are making the music of tomorrow, today. High on the quality meter and with all that is included is probably about the best hip hop compilation value for the buck. Too real for most of the commercial suckers who seem to shell out cash for just about every redundant project masquerading under the guise of street culture. Kudos to the label for compiling such a definitive collection. Essential hip hop for those in the know. Kick us some vinyl so’s we can work it fo’ our tribe. Much R Respect. Zero Hour Records, 14 West 23rd Street, Fourth Floor, New York, NY 10010

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