I’ve got some friends in hills that are still in denial over this. I’m going to upgrade the stereo system in my car to compensate for all the bad music I hear daily blaring out of the windows. When it’s done, I’m aiming the bass cannon right to their homes. I probably won’t get their before I rattle every bolt out and separate the welding on the frame, but for those few short hours, it’ll be worth it. It is the unification of raw life with fat beats to push you into a trance. If forced into a comparison I would choose Scorn, but only on the level of tempo and bpm’s. Dijislov does it different, and doesn’t bother to tell you the track names so don’t bother looking. Raw-hop is what I’ll call it. Blow your speakers. Alleysweeper , P.O. Box 361, Clawson, MI 48017-0361

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