DJ? Acucrack

DJ? Acucrack

Mutants of Sound


The NASA samples, space backgrounds, and various other slow slides that are sprinkled across every beat-laden song are a perfect break from all the movie samples I hear today. Mutants of Sound is an album that coasts in and out of consciousness with the perfection and intensity of an atomic blast. Rarely do I get the chance to sit at home and relax, so I drag my headphones to work to catch up on the latest stuff. I’ve only got time for nine CDs when I’m at work, and in the past two weeks, this one has gone three out of the five days each week. It’s the music of stars talking to us through telescopes and radios. Or maybe closer to an all-out attack of space invaders. It’s good to know that Mercury Records is on the distribution end of this release so that it hits every market possible. I wonder if NASA has considered launching the shuttle while playing “Swollen with Glee” to the astronauts? SlipDisc Records, 101 W. Grand 6th Floor, Chicago, IL 60610

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