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Test Dept.

Tactics for Evolution


Pounding beats from beginning to end, that allows Test Dept. to reclaim the status as the forerunners of music. Probably classified as techno, dance, or some other miscellaneous non-descript category, Tactics for Evolution takes Totality (the previous album) beyond this world. The no-nonsense power of the music dances like a jihad. I can feel the ethnic rhythms of passion dancing on my spine, and when they raise the stakes with sitar, female whispers, and break-beats, I want nothing to come between me and my stereo. Somewhere along the line, Test Dept. alienated the diehard fans by progressing their music into a new arena. They missed out. Test Dept. has never been a band of following the norms placed on the table by record executives, press, or fans. They look ahead and the rest just try to keep up. It’s said best in the liner notes: we have to think up and put into action new ways of being. Invisible Records, P.O. Box 16008, Chicago, IL 60616;

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