Government Mule

Government Mule



If I was in a band, I would hope it’s one like Government Mule. These guys have the uncompromising artistry, well-studied roots and inspired musicianship that few could aspire to, let alone achieve. If there is any justice in life, these guys will take their place among the greats. The act of leaving the relative security and established excellence of the Allman Brothers Band to pursue this effort offers evidence of the commitment Warren Haynes and Allen Woody have to their personal musical visions. According to the album notes, this record was recorded mostly “studio live,” which is further testimony to both the ambition and the ability of this group. This is like nothing else being done today, and can only be compared to “classic rock” works from the late ’60s and early ’70s that, for me, represent a golden age of rock, when people really believed that rock music actually mattered. God bless Government Mule.

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