Teenage Secret


This band used to be called Kerosene 454 until they found out another band had that name…

All kidding aside, Kerosene bears the stigma of major label distribution well, as this collection of moodscapes shows. Eleven subtle collections of toned-down, bass-heavy sound collages, that trip-noir, or film-hop, what-have-you stuff. Like Tipsy, the music and the elements have a retro feel. Unlike Tipsy, these lads have equal parts cool jazz swing and cabana shimmy. Check out “Mambo of Terror,” where a pulsating bottom end shares the bunk bed with a smoky lead and the occasional musical locking brakes — it’s “Oh Yeah” for 1998. Dim the lights, turn it on. Caipirinha Productions, 1120 5th Ave. #15A, New York, NY 10128;

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