Lee Rocker

Lee Rocker

No Cats!


Everyone who is fast becoming an “old fart” will remember the phenomenal Stray Cats, who literally inundated radio and MTV with their brand of good, old fashioned rockabilly back around 1982. The band members went their separate ways for one reason or another, guitarist Brain Setzer has his orchestra, drummer Slim Jim Phantom went on to date famous models, and bassist Lee Rocker got together with Slim Jim and a Slick guitarist and recorded as Phantom, Rocker and Slick.

As the singer for Phantom, Rocker and Slick, Lee Rocker showed the world his deep, rich, mysterious voice on the rocking radio-smash “Men Without Shame.” On No Cats, Lee Rocker get into the glam-rockabilly that he seems to love best. Talk about a sharp dresser, no one makes leopard skin and leather looks so, well, sharp! Contributing to the rockabilly free-for-all are the unexpected Elliot Easton, Leon Russell, and a cast of thousands. The original tunes have titles like “Rumblin’ Bass,” “Miracle in Memphis” (co-written with Slim Jim, it looks like), “Love Me Good,” and “Movin’ On,” all no-nonsense songs about the rock and roll lifestyle one leads when one plays an upright bass fiddle! In a salute to the old days, though, Lee Rocker covers Blondie’s “One Way or Another” and even squeezes in Leon Russell’s “Little Piece of Your Love.” Mr. Rocker supplies all the lead vocals, and even had the `nads to call a new song “Into the Void!” No Cats is a must for anyone into great rock and roll. Uptight Records, 30872 Pacific Coast Highway, Suite #190, Laguna Beach, CA 92677

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