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Love Nut


Big Deal

Straight from the land of pleasant living… Yeah, Baltimore, Maryland, happyville, I beg to differ. High murder rate, businesses moving away, Washington scumbags stealing the baseball team, dirt, illiteracy, and the most distinctive accent in the United States, that’s Baltimore. Home to Johns Hopkins University, amongst other institutes of higher learning, all lumped into one of the last places I’d pick to live. People get mugged in broad daylight during their lunch breaks on Howard Street. Forget it.

Never mind that shit, ¡Baltimucho! is a great collection of loud, fast power pop that will being a shine to the dirtiest Charles Street row house. “Love Found You” has a real commercial pop feel, and would be a decent break on the radio from all the depressing “pop” flooding the airwaves. “Stolen Picture” has great rocking near-psychedelic power-chord and vocal harmony and is pretty addictive. “Essex Hair” could be a Cheap Trick song for the late 1990s, it’s loaded with great harmonies, mixed with guitar sled-rides down Druid Hill (in-joke for Baltimorons). Out of fifteen songs on the album, I was into about ten of them; the other five are pop love ballads, which will appeal to people who don’t like me. Big Deal, P.O. Box 2072, Peter Stuyvesant Station, New York, NY 10009

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