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MK Ultra

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This is truly the most phenomenal CD I’ve heard in many years. I’ve listened to it six times now, and it gets better every time. Yet for the first time in memory, I find myself at a loss for words. Who are these guys? What are they all about? I know virtually nothing about them except that their music is spectacular.

The five tunes on this privately issued disc are shimmering, elusive, quirky, and damned fine. Each song gives me the feeling I’ve heard this band somewhere before, yet I know that is not the case. Their sound, while eclectic, is specifically their own, but to describe it, which any hack music reviewer should be able to do ad nauseam, suddenly becomes an impossibility. I hear early R.E.M. here, perhaps some My Bloody Valentine, maybe even some Velvet Underground, but this material is not like any single one of them alone.

If I didn’t like this, it would be very easy to dismiss it as unfocused, broadly influenced pap. But I do like it — a lot. So I back myself into the proverbial corner by saying that this stuff is wonderful, terrific, fabulous, but I offer my opinion sans proof. Should you take my word for it? Normally I would suggest skepticism at such bravado; this time I believe you would not be disappointed. Hey, would I lie to you? The homemade cardboard cover says to call 407-898-4048 for information.

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