Mr. Scruff

Mr. Scruff


Ninja Tune

Mr. Scruff, a DJ and producer, has created some interesting music on his self-tilted EP. It consists of three songs, “Chipmunk, “Fish,” and “Happy Band,” all of which present his unique take on DJ music.

This is the kind of release that laughs in the face of classification. The tune with the biggest hook, “Fish,” is a catchy (and hilarious) song about seafood — over the swinging, relaxed bass line, a narrator describes the fish-eating habits of birds and other fish-related comments. “Happy Band,” however, relies solely on its groove-based jazziness. Crisp, sharp bass and organ blend to create some compelling funk. “Chipmunk” proves to be a fast-tempo, melodic stroll to the land of the jolly rodents — or something like that. Although it has no vocals, I doubt a happier song exists in my music collection.

Mr. Scruff will have a full-length album coming out soon; I can’t wait to be dancing again with the woodland creatures and can only hope that more seafood-funk is on the way! Ninja Tune, P.O. Box 373, Westmount Station, Montreal, Quebec H3Z 2T5, CANADA

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