not breathing

not breathing

the starry wisdom


Wully bully, wully bully, wully bully. Two discs that cover the two opposing sides of not breathing. The first disc (nuclear) drove me into sheer hysteria, as Dave Wright pushed my buttons with chops the “big boys” forgot existed. I felt the bucking bronco of bass trying to throw me from its back, while vultures swarmed above dropping atmospherics on my head to accelerate the arrival of dinner. In fear of this getting mass airplay across the planet, I’ve contemplating buying every pressed copy before the disease spreads. I can see it now, kids chanting for not breathing to kill them with bass. An ugly scene for any government to try and control. Disc two (ABYSS) is a nightmare. The rotting smell of a slaughterhouse whips past my nose and strangles every last attempt to get fresh air. I felt like I was dragged underwater and forced to drown. It’s as thick as the oil from your engine two years after it’s last oil change. I needed a change from that giddy-giddy-boom-boom of the clubs. Little did I know Mr. Wright had it out for me. Be warned, the apocalypse of not breathing is coming. I have to stop its intoxicating rhythms! Send me your money, I can save you, my children! Invisible Records, P.O. Box 16008, Chicago, IL 60616;

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