November Foxtrot Whiskey

November Foxtrot Whiskey

November Foxtrot Whiskey EP

Dean Street Music

The debut work from Tampa locals November Foxtrot Whiskey (military spelling for NFW — No Fucking Way), while nothing especially ground-breaking, is organic, honest and entertaining, all the while sounding quite polished, considering the recording was done on a four-track. “In the Morning,” a duet featuring Liza Wakeman and Aaron Lepley, stands out as easily the album’s best track, with an arrangement delicately balanced around harmonica and flute parts, which are often lost in the live mix (as is Ms. Wakeman’s violin). The EP’s one shortcoming is “Mary,” the foundation of which is the fluidity of the violin solo, which unfortunately is unable to save it from sounding astoundingly like one of those ever-profound Evan Dando/Lemonheads creations. It’s one of two anomalies in this conciliatory body of harmony and confluence. The other is “Waltz of The Ankle Biter,” a fun diversion best described as sounding like an animation-ready Alva outtake. Liza Wakeman, 318 W. Frierson Avenue, Tampa, FL 33603;

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