Regulator Watts

Regulator Watts

The Mercury CD


There’s no doubt that Hoover was one of DC’s most influential emo-core bands, still used as a common musical signpost. So far the “ex-Hoover” designation has been quite a reliable seal of quality: The Crownhate Ruin, Radio Flyer, June of 44, Regulator Watts… The scattered Hoover continue to associate themselves with innovative, amazing musicians. All of their splintered projects are linked somewhat in sound and style, yet are distinct enough to not be confused with one another.

The Mercury CD is a collection of Regulator Watts’ EP and compilation tracks and has a curious range of songs. There are songs that rock and groove in that Hoover-ish vein, quiet, spacey ambient, songs, some slight dub style, and songs with more than a little twang. A drastic range but one that is a refreshing splash in the face. No matter if it’s quiet or loud, it’s all about quality. They have indeed broken up, and I think I’ll trust the “ex-Regulator Watts” tag just as well. Slowdime Records, P.O. Box 414, Arlington, VA 22210

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