REO Speedealer

REO Speedealer

REO Speedealer


REO Speedealer is one of an elite group of bands that will save rock and roll. These punk commandos are continuing the roaring sound Mötörhead perfected. But Lemmy’s pushing past 50 — and no one sounds quite like Mötörhead. No one comes on with the freight train of metal like Mötörhead, but REO Speedealer sure sounds like they’ll be Mötörhead 2000. The world needs this super fast onslaught of sonic abuse! Man, form the first song, “Turkeyneck,” they come on like a squadron of A-10’s primed to reduce Iraqi tanks to scrap! And they put fifteen songs on this disk!

Fifteen Texas outlaw punk rock songs that really could do some damage! Listening to “Götterdämerung” made me punch holes in my wall for pleasure! But that wasn’t enough! I needed to go out in the street and start punching cars! Especially driven by people under 30 who were listening to “lite FM!” “Pig Fucker” made me want to, made me want to, MADE ME WANT TO PUT ON MY VIKING SUIT AND KICK ASS!

Whoa! Let me regain my composure for a moment. OK.

I want to attack family picnics and play “Get A Rope” in the background! I want to terrorize shopping malls with “Move It Or Lose It” blasting in my brain!

Basically, REO Speedealer affects me the way the Stooges and Mötörhead do. So look out! Produced by Daniel Rey, `nuff said! Royalty Records, 176 Madison Ave., New York, NY 10016

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