Mid the Green Fields

Victoria Land

Saturnine’s third full length recording, Mid the Green Fields, is a sign that this band has matured. They have been around for about five years, and have had their share of released recordings, and in my opinion, this is their best!

Jennifer and Matt continue to display the beautiful relationship between their guitars. Intricate patterns and melodies weave back and forth, creating delicate displays of guitar work. This recording seems to show that Mike was able to twist his bass lines in this collage more so than on others, where he would be more of a support like traditional bass players.

Even within the drumming, Jim shows signs of the band’s progressions by toying around with some non-traditional off-beat counts as well as his true style, a quiet, pop like beat. Truthfully, I don’t really listen to lyrics, but I always feel that when Matt signs, he is reminiscing on childhood memories and providing the listener with his philosophies on life that he has learned. This time, he sounds more confident and truthful. Enjoyable.

Mid the Green Fields was recorded by Gary Olson (Ladybug Transistor) at Marlborough Farms in New York. In fact, there are a few guest appearances by some of Saturnine’s friends from there. This is another characteristic that I enjoy of this record. There are many new textures and tones introduced that you don’t find on other recordings.

By saying that Saturnine has matured, I don’t mean to say they were immature before. It is just that it seams they know where they want to go now and they are well on their way. I felt this as well when I saw them live a few months ago. This would be an excellent record for anyone who has not dove into collecting Saturnine material yet.

Saturnine will be on tour in June of 1998, so be sure to check your local listings and go see their show (and bring some extra cash to pick up Mid the Green Fields). Also check out their web site… Victoria Land Records, 336 Sixth Avenue, Brooklyn, NY 11215;

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