The Tao of SPIT [re-release]

Pacific Force

Now, through the miracle of digital recording, the amazing Mr. SPIT is available Live! on The Tao of SPIT. If you’re looking for offensive, free-thinking rock and roll, look no further! Contained on this vile set, recorded live in New Castle, Delaware at the 4 and 1 Club, are such SPIT classics as “Get Your Ass In the Car,” “Shit For Brains,” “White Man’s Balls,” and the amazing tribute to Frank Booth, “Blue Velvet.” There’s even the infamous “Blow Job Contest,” where three contestants are picked from the audience to compete against each other in “pleasuring” a banana! I strongly recommend The Tao of SPIT for everyone who is a fan of sexual freedom and sex-focused rock and roll or electronic music — remember: Mr. SPIT is a musical genius and will surprise anyone who thinks he’s just some pervert out to sniff your wife’s underwear. Also included are “Stick Yo Cock” (sampling from the Exorcist) and “My Big Dick,” a song for all men to keep in mind 24 hours a day. Pacific Force, Inc., 7095 Hollywood Blvd, Ste 477, Hollywood, CA 90028

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