Strikeforce Diablo

Strikeforce Diablo

Strikeforce Diablo


Need a good release? Slip this disc in and rage. I hate moshing, and these songs make me want to mosh. Strikeforce Diablo is a stew of relentless tribal-feeling drums, lumbering bass lines, jackhammer carving knife guitar riffs, and cool dual vocals. But I could describe bands that aren’t 1/10 as good the same way. What makes SFD stand out are the subtle things that make up great songs: good changes, dynamics, instrument interplay, etc. There’s even a touch of emo (not whininess) in the vocals amidst the more hardcore happenings. My only gripe is that this CD is too short — 4 songs that clock in at a combined 8:53. Fortunately, it doesn’t get boring after repeated listens. It also sucks that this is a posthumous release. Okay, that’s two gripes, but you should still check it out. P.O. Box 14841, Gainesville, FL 32604.

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