The Bruisers

The Bruisers

The Authorized Bruisers 1988 — 1994


Here’s another compilation from a somewhat obscure hardcore punk band that seems to have left a permanent mark on a few punks out there. I believe we had the first Bruisers single, “Intimidation,” at the now-dead WFIT, but that was as close as I got to hearing the band. Every now and then they appear opening or headlining at various punk and hardcore showcases around the country, so I may get to see them yet.

The Authorized Bruisers 1988 — 1994 chronicles the band’s recording career from their beginning up to about the time they toured Europe with Madball, and right before the 1996 death of their rhythm guitarist, Richard Mark Wimert. The album is the complete Bruisers collection, including the singles “Intimidation,” “Clobberin’ Time,” “American Night,” and “Gates of Hell,” cassette-only “Independence Day,” as well as the full-length Cruisin’ for a Bruisin’. There are twenty-eight great hardcore songs from the northern New England region crammed onto this CD, which, as the liner notes point out, “anything you want, it’s all right here…” Dig these angst-ridden, frustration-releasing song titles, “Overthrow,” “No Truce,” “Nation On Fire,” “We Will Survive,” and “2 Fists Full of Nothin’.” It’s all gritty, working-class, raging New England American Hardcore. Cyclone Records, 24 Pheasant Run, Memmack, NH 03054

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