The Future Sound of Jazz 3

The Future Sound of Jazz 3

Various Artists


It’s always a challenge trying to describe in words the sound of music. That task becomes even more difficult when discussing acid jazz, because its very essence reeks of familiarity. On The Future Sound of Jazz 3, the rules remain the same. Typically, hip-hop backbeats are enveloped by their accompanying melodies and harmonies. The FSOJ3 doesn’t try to cover too much terrain and in the end each of the twelve tracks seem to complement one another. Pulling out the heavy hitters from track one, Pressure Drop give us a Blood Bros. remix of their hip hop gem “Unify.” Tosca return with “Ocean Beat,” a calming number that maxes out the minimalism of their vocal samples, which allows you to get swept over and under. Also of interest are tracks by Karma, Cheever J Loophole, and Vibe Nations. If you like some funk in your bump this disc should get you rolling. Instinct Records, 26 W. 17th St. #502-A, New York, NY 10011

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