The Grassy Knoll

The Grassy Knoll



I know more than a few friends who got burned on the acid jazz scene in the past few years who suddenly realized that what was being passed off as acid jazz was in fact acid spazz. The amazing thing about this recent resurgence of interest in jazz, or new music in general, is how many people have yet to hear of Bob Green (B.K.A. the Grassy Knoll.)

III is the best and most definitive Grassy Knoll to date. When compared to III, the first two releases have an air of sentimentality and cautiousness pleasantly lacking in the new disc. In III, Green has dropped the other shoe, and put out something that’s balls-to-the-wall, pure Grassy Knoll. Much of development can probably be attributed to Nicholas Sansano’s production. The Grassy Knoll employs many acoustic musicians (REAL cello, REAL flutes, REAL saxophones, etc.), and as time goes by I think there’ll be fewer of those who can harness the sound and energy of instruments of the past and put them to full use of contemporary recording techniques. III is the true audiophile’s wet dream.

And if all that wasn’t enough, Thurston Moore has loaned his distinction to III. Moore is one of the few long holdouts of the progressive music scene who I feel can do no wrong. Moore plays a subdued, subservient role as guitarist on three tracks, adding to the respect that this disc deserves.

This disc is about as perfect as a disc can be. The packaging alone demands high adulation — Mark Rothko painting, rubber band, and all. I’ll recommend this CD to anybody, all ages, all backgrounds. If you don’t “get” the Grassy Knoll, you don’t “get” anything. Antilles Records, 825 Eighth Avenue, New York, NY 10019;

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