The Undead

The Undead

Til Death!


The Undead returns! Former Misfit guitarist Bobby Steele has assembled his band once again, and recorded thirteen (of course!) new punk songs just in time for the upcoming world tour. The songs of the Undead are classic punk rock songs along the lines of, well, Bobby’s been playing punk rock since 1977, so… They sound like Undead songs!

While fully cognizant of the “horror rock” crossover fans from the Misfits, the Undead aren’t at all limited to playing “scary monster” music. The only horror song on Til Death! is “Strange Creatures,” a creepy tune about a child’s nightmare world where something lives under his bed… A perfect Halloween song for all you boys and ghouls! The majority of the album features songs about the cruel reality of New York City and how one can either take advantage of it (“There’s a Riot at Thompkins Square”) or how one may pity its victims (“The Invisible Man”). There are jabs taken at pretentious “punks” or whatever they like to call themselves (“Slave to Fashion”), pain and loneliness (“I’d Rather Do My Drinking Alone”) and the past (“Shadows”). There’s even an emotional “slow” song, “Thorn in Your Side,” that could make you cry if you don’t know anything about the burning anger inside of the author’s heart!

Now, for all you Beatles fans, the Undead cover “All You Need Is Love.” and it’s punk as all mighty Heck! Imagine John Lennon with a musical chip on his shoulder, venting his spleen instead of preaching love and kindness! Til Death will delight the faithful Undead fans out there and should win a few converts, and anyone who enjoys great punk rock and roll. Underworld Records, 10738 Millen, Montreal, PQ, H2C 2E6 Canada

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