The Urge

The Urge

Master of Styles


When I stopped doing radio about four years ago, I remember saying that the Urge is one of the better ska-rock bands out there, and that they will be the next big thing. Well, it took a little longer than expected, but with the release of Master of Styles, the Urge will be the next big thing. This album is full of hits, starting with “Jump Right In,” in which they receive help from Nic Hexum of 311. Mark my words, BIG HIT! And you read it here first, in Ink 19. Other songs, such as “Closer,” “My Apology,” and “Prayer for Rain,” should keep these guys on the charts for a good portion of the year. What also is impressive with the record is that they seem to have found their sound, which was lacking on previous efforts — they have become polished.

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