Tombstone Park

Tombstone Park

Various Artists


Twenty-three cuts by eighteen bands. The first nine bands are from all over North America, the second are from the Ann Arbor scene. Thematically, all linked by a “horror” theme (thus the title). Some good stuff. Reanimator wisely opened with Riot Squad from Texas (whom I’ve reviewed in prior issues). There’s nothing that really sucks, plus it’s pretty diverse, including lotsa punk and some surfy stuff and ska. A couple cuts had some weird recording values; the CD might could’ve been better mastered to minimize differences in recording techniques, although remastering can only go so far. But this is a quibble. Extra points for being “100% Marilyn Manson Free,” and including a caricature of Ms. Manson herself with a red slashed-circle over it. Reanimator, P.O. Box 1582, Ann Arbor, MI 48106;

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