U.S. Chaos

U.S. Chaos

We’ve Got the Weapons


Tremendously raging hardcore that takes aim at all the pinkos still out there. And it sounds just like vintage Day Glo Abortions. In fact, “Eye for an Eye” sounded just like the DGA’s “Kill the Hosers.” Sample: “Kill, Kill, Kill, Kill, the killers/ I think that they should die/ Kill, Kill, Kill, Kill, the killers/ An eye for an eye… ” Not that there’s anything wrong with mimicking a great song or advocating death to murderers on behalf of the State Machinery.

Check this out, from “Into the Swamp:” “The Swamp is not so bad if you can stand the smell/ You would be amazed at the stories I could tell/ about the lizards and the three foot long muskrats/ about the bitin’ mosquitoes and the gnawing gnats… ” It’s a song about leaving society to itself and going out into nature to live, to kill and survive! To Triumph over nature be becoming part of nature… This is 100% rugged individualistic hardcore!

Man, this kind of music, mixed with lyrics extolling American values, gets me stoked! This is about freedom, liberty and believing that fortune favors the brave! We’ve Got the Weapons is the most patriotic album released of the last five years, or even longer! Other great AMERICAN songs include “American,” “Message of Love,” “Guns By My Side,” and “Blame it on Sam.” GMM Records, #140 P.O. Box 15234, Atlanta, GA 90333

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