Broken Rekids

Ah, technology! What if there was this really cool punk group from 1978 with a female singer, but they were in San Francisco and you were in Florida, or not even born yet. And then what if that group sporadically put out singles and EP’s, that you never heard, but they somehow saved the master tapes until 1997 and then put out the whole shebang on one CD? And then you found a copy and it was so great (some titles: “Roma Rocket,” “Boys & Booze,” “Teen-Age Alcoholic”) you had to write a review about it so everybody else would buy it?

This really happened. Get this. Now. Contact Vktms at P.O. Box 420626, San Francisco, CA 94142-0626, or: Broken Rekids, P.O. Box 460402, San Francisco, CA 94146; http://www. members.tripod.com/~binkov/vktms.html

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