Paladin Press

Paladin Press

Vol 28, No. 1

Paladin Press

The folks at Paladin ain’t fooling around, if you’d like to know the truth. They’ve got some pretty serious stuff, the kind of stuff that the feds and all the other do-gooders out there would like to keep under strict wraps. Wraps that only they would be allowed to peek under if they could only have their way.

Fortunately, Paladin’s take on that particular mindset seems to be a simple: “Fuck you, assholes.” There’s practically no end to the titles on guns, explosives, lock picking, surveillance, revenge, and whothehell knows what all else. Wanna learn to build a machine gun at home? No problem. They got it. Make gunpowder from commonly available ingredients? Easy as pie. Sign right up. How ’bout the ins and outs of making a pick gun and going after things behind locked doors? Okey dokey. Perhaps a silencer for your pistol? We gottum. Poaching big game to support yourself after you’ve decided to chuck everything and go live out in the wilds somewhere? That too. Wanna dog somebody’s tracks, private eye style? Fine and dandy. Hell, I’d be better off listing things that AREN’T in here. Probably be a shorter list. Lotta damn stuff in this catalog. Hundreds and hundreds of titles. Oodles of books and videos about no end of fascinating pursuits and doodads. Paladin is careful not to actually advocate any of the less-than-legal stuff that you might find in one of their fine publications, but they’re certainly not shy about at least giving you the opportunity to school yourself on it. I recommend this catalog highly. Get one today. Paladin Press 1998, P.O. Box 1307, Boulder CO, 80306; 1-800-392-2400

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