Vest Busters: How to Make Your Own Body-Armor-Piercing Bullets

Vest Busters: How to Make Your Own Body-Armor-Piercing Bullets

by Uncle Fester

Loompanics 1996

Ah, another one of Uncle Fester’s little how-to manuals. Fester’s cool. Fucker stayed wide-awake through all those damn chem lab classes. Musta got straight A’s while he was doing it. I like intelligent people, and Fester qualifies nicely. The title of this one pretty well sums it up. And it’s short. Total of 59 pages. You can just about read the whole thing while taking a shit. It’s loaded with all kinds of information, doled out in a very user-friendly style. Not nearly as heavy a grinder as some of Fester’s other stuff… Secrets of Methamphetamine Manufacture comes to mind. This one’s easy to read and understand. It’s also chock-full of street smart tips and stuff. Lotta good, real world, information in this thing. Makes a fine addition to your reference shelf. Cover artist Jim Blanchard gets special mention, too. The cover of Vest Busters is a classic. Gets right to the point and does it with fine style. Way to go, Jim. You too, Fester.

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