Johnny M. Scales

Johnny M. Scales

This guy is quite simply the biggest asshole to walk the face of the earth (this is not his real name). He is the main reason that people all over North America currently think all lawyers are assholes, because he happens to be an attorney. He is one of our consulting firm’s clients. I had the great misfortune of being the first person at our place to ever do a project for this bastard. He was so abusive and condescending on the telephone I almost hung up on him. He’s one of those shits that believes that if he throws enough money at you, he has a right to behave however he wishes, and that no rules apply to him. Of course, people like him are never happy no matter how much money they accumulate because everyone hates them. The reason he has to use our firm is because he either fires everyone who tries working for him or they quit in disgust. The fuck had a heart attack a few years ago and I can hardly wait for his next one. I will personally drive to the burg where he lives and piss on his grave. But I bet there will be a line.

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