People Who Don’t Appreciate What Mayor Giuliani Is Doing For New

People Who Don’t Appreciate What Mayor Giuliani Is Doing For New York City

The Mayor of the Big Apple, Rudolph Giuliani, is running a “decency” campaign. He started off with nailing midtown jaywalkers and having the police place barriers up and down the streets, preventing anyone from playing in traffic. Then he made a major crackdown on traffic violations. Then he tried huge fines and other penalties for crazy cab drivers, and now he’s going after unsanitary and cluttersome street vendors. A few years ago, when he took over as Mayor from the do-nothing, corrupt David Dinkens administration (who took over from the corrupt Koch administration), one of the first things he did was have people arrested for small infractions of the law. The result was an amazing number of parole and probation violators being caught and sent back to jail. Crime is down in the city in record numbers. Yeah, the cops are pricks, but cops are pricks by definition. One potential problem is that the Mayor is cracking down on bars that don’t have Cabaret Licenses, so if you’re “dancing” in a bar, you might get arrested. Some people also don’t like that the porno shops are being run out of town, with 42nd street being replaced by Disney stores. The streets of New York City are clean, safe and, well, decent. People who don’t like it want to bring back crime, misery, prostitution and garbage. The hell with them.

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