Say Hello to Zero Tolerance

Say Hello to Zero Tolerance

A Jerk Report

Don’t let the title fool you, this is, ultimately, a positive editorial.

With the increasing decrease of floor-space on this planet Earth, there are marked gains in unfavorable encounters between people as a matter of course. This is because nature, generally, follows the rule that any organism to organism encounter is going to benefit one, the other, or both, but in different proportions. This usually includes the fact that “one” gets eaten. People aren’t much different from animals in this respect, but we use symbols and ritual instead of action, and usually don’t devour each other. Humans, being senseless and corrupt in general, just kill and leave the body to rot. Anyway, this missive is the result of field reports done at-site, yet other experiences have drawn different, and more positive results. In other words, there are good people out there, but the jerks are the ones you notice because of their fat mouths!

The test subjects are the detrimental anomalies: the jerks, if you will, although, later on, there are stronger words used to describe the particular type. Monsters, you might say, pathetic monsters at the bar bellowing out for any attention because they are like cogs in the wheel, unable to see the depths, too stunted to care or understand.

So, you’ve bellied-up to your favorite counter and are ordering a beer, a hamburger, a latté, or whatever your fixation is at the time. In my case, I’ll go to some bar of locality and walk straight to the back. Sometimes, I eventually start chatting with a girl, if she’s there, but I’m not a social butterfly, so I’ll generally minimize social interaction. Now, to me, a pub, a coffeehouse, a diner, etc, is a place to relax during the mobility you go through in a day. You pay for goods there, but you also tip for good service, a decent conversation, or to be left alone, damn-it, if that’s how you feel. Most of the owners of such establishments would agree (the ones with good sense). There’s always a little social “scene” at such places – these descendants of the taverns of old – and that’s alright, that kind of stuff is always going to be there: groups of people who are scamming, or want to be seen and have people know their names, like it matters. Now those folks are in place, and you, or I, will be at the bar enjoying a respite, maybe talking to friend or enjoying the surroundings Then some fellow will start talking to you like he knows you. What? Is this idiot nuts? Yes, but he’s also a piece of crap.

You’re sitting there, and maybe the conversation is about what this “dude” is reading in the paper, or girls, or something. Well, that’s alright, we all have some similar issues, or we wouldn’t be there, right? “Let’s shoot the breeze, man.” Then this… jerk will start talking a lot about himself, maybe tapping you on the shoulder a few times, offering to buy you a beer (of a brand that you don’t like), or how much tail he gets. It takes a while to get me started; I’m very easygoing, but at this point (this me now) I’m getting very annoyed! Doesn’t Mr. Imbecile know that I don’t give a damn? I don’t want to deal with that kind of dung on my free time. Usually, my brusque attitude makes them walk away. Don’t push me.

There’s always someone like them in any given area, and they’re usually, almost 99.99%, male. Assholes who come into a town and get in everyone’s face, eventually getting kicked out of every bar in town. Talking in loud tones about how important they are. Beating-up folks, getting beat-up, and trying to create some kind of idiotic, nebulous “reputation” until they get jail-time, or get into the hospital. There’s always someone bigger and meaner than you, jack; it’s called a mob! They’re dumber than most of the evil nobodies of this world, but definitely smart enough to get away with what they want to, most of the time, because people let them do so. Nearly every town has one, or a few, and you can come up with all sorts of reasons for the shit that they give people, but those are excuses! There’s never been an excuse. Even mental illness or intoxication is no excuse as far as I’m concerned.

There’s so many ways to realize how little humanity has evolved over the last few thousand years, as far as the basic cross-section of the population is concerned. Recently there was this one guy who started talking to me at a bar; he eventually told me that he’s the reincarnation of a certain Nazi war criminal! Then there’s been many good-old-boys who want to start something (I live in The South), staring at me with hollow, blank, brutish eyes. Man, I’ve got just as much grit and testosterone as the next guy, but I don’t stupidly hate for no reason; I don’t want to “start something”. Do these assholes like the way I look or something, or do they hate it? Maybe these dipshits are latent homosexuals and are too ingrained and programmed with “macho” behavior to deal with it. And, jerks are one thing, but neo-Nazis are another! That is a truly evil beast that must be stomped into the ground like the insect that it is!

These men are scum-bags, do not tolerate them. If you are a woman (or a lover) of theirs, get away, right now! I’ve personally had a few friends who were raped by “dudes” who fit the description I’m giving. It makes me want to have been there to attach the bastard’s head to the pavement, and I am not a violent man! But you can only take so much. “Tough love?” Bullshit! “You always hurt the one you love?” Bullshit! Neitzsche-like philosophies dealing the will of the “ubermensch”, etc.? Bull-fucking-shit, you asshole! There’s no mystique in being involved with an abusive nut-case, and if you think there is, or you can’t tear yourself away from the asshole, then you’re a stupid idiot and deserve all the pain you get. Does that upset you? Good! Open up those “x’s-for-eyes” and quit dealing with someone else’s dumb, adolescent fantasy.

What you see in the movies or on TV: the somehow noble serial killer, the abusive cop, the girl-beating rock star, etc, is a lie in-so-far as that kind of stuff never looks good in reality. Plus, you only get an edited visual on the screen, with none of the other senses or any of the emotional truth penetrating your brain. You need to kick the loud, legend-ONLY-in-his-own-mind out of your community, or lock him up, beat him up (although the moron probably wants that), or just fucking pretend to ignore the jack-ass! I say pretend, because you can not ignore, nor back down from these scum, just don’t pay attention to their games. They tend to want attention, because deep down they know that they are filth: pieces of human shit. You know who I’m talking about! There’s one in your favorite spot right now, waiting. These are the human viruses on the landscape, and there needs to be zero tolerance towards them and their kind! This is my warning!

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