OX-7 Tone Wheel

With the advent of the Hammond organ in the ’30s, drawbar manipulation of sound became a standard in the music industry. Today’s musicians find themselves looking to the past for those rich analog sounds. Now this unforgettable sound has been captured in the new OX-7 drawbar module from Blue Chip Music GmbH.

The organ tone of the OX-7 is produced through a physical modeling technique that is capable of generating the range of tone-wheel sounds including percussive “key clicks,” celeste and Leslie-speaker emulation.

The OX-7 includes MIDI jacks, a foot-switch controller for Leslie effects, and a swell-pedal jack. Blue Chip Music GmbH, c/o Music Industries Corporation, 99 Tulip Ave., Floral Park, NY 11001; http://www.musicindustries.com

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