Calvin Krime

Calvin Krime

You’re Feeling so Attractive

Amphetamine Reptile Records

I should like this band, but I can’t bring myself to get lured in by this CD. It’s got all of the ingredients that usually make me a fan, but there is something else in the mix here that really turns me off. I’m pretty sure that helium-fueled voice has a lot to do with it, but this whole CD comes across like a really bad joke to me for some reason. In fact, the one obvious joke track on this CD, “Oh My Goth,” has become a popular inside joke among a few of my friends. I admire the fact that these guys don’t take themselves seriously, but this borders on ridiculous. The cartoony sounds and voices don’t mesh with the usually well-written abrasive rock parts. I had actually heard good things about this band. I can’t get into this. Amphetamine Reptile Records, 2645 1st Ave. South, Minneapolis, MN 55408

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