Chestnut Station

Chestnut Station

Chestnut Station

Drag City

Before bands had to have feedback or mumbled vocals or every 7th beat dropped or alternate tunings or pedal steel and a banjo or out of tune guitars or a Moog or a theremin or a Coltrane record collection or a Casio to get an album out, there were actually rock records made. If I recall correctly, there was a time in the early 80’s when bands sounded like Chestnut Station. Punk rock did its part and wiped the slate clean, but its immediate possibilities were severely limited. Then rock floundered a bit while bands made catchy but forgettable songs. Who remembers Waxing Poetics or Kilkinney Cats or Dumptruck or countless others who made good rock albums but never made the impact that Husker Du or the Minutemen did? Chestnut Station is a tribute to those bands that we grew up with, forgot about, but still yearn for deep down. Drag City, P.O. Box 476867, Chicago, IL 60647;

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