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If 100 nerdy teenage boys sat in a room for a month and wrote goofy songs about girls and getting revenge, eventually one of them would write a Darlington album. And that album would… rock the house! The Ramones meet Weston on the way to visit Furious George on this collection of songs that can be best described as “Dork Punk.” Christy Darlington willingly reveals his foolproof formula for writing songs on “Judy Jetson:” “This song sounds just like the last one/and the next one/and the one after that one/just repeat the same stuff a bunch of times/so you don’t hafta think up any clever lines.” Thus, a song like “Love” works on the same principle as “Sheena is a Punk Rocker.” Touche! Oddly enough, the only tune that doesn’t zoom along at a million caffeinated miles per hour is “Espresso,” where Darlington croons about stuff he wants: “A large iced mocha, a new Barbie doll and to play guitar like Pat Smear.” This record is just rad. I especially like “House Pet,” (I guarantee it will have you singing “I’m a House Pet!”) and “Baltimore,” inviting you to twist and clap along to a song about sexual asphyxiation. If you can’t dance to this record then you must be missing your legs! Last Beat Records, 2819 Commerce St., Dallas, TX 75226; http://www.lastbeatrecords.com

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