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Co-starring Max Cavalera, too! If you’re one for low, extremely heavy and intense rap core, you’ve most likely been aware of the Deftones long before I came across them and their sound. I’m puzzled, though, about what this music is saying. The Deftones do indeed have a serious message, which includes the harsh realities of “love,” life, growing up, self-esteem, strength, responsibility and family. (“Headup” looks like Max’s homage to his late son.) But it gives me a feeling that somehow we’ve come full circle and now the rebellious metalhead rappers are preaching to their younger brethren. Just like you’d expect your parents to… I just don’t expect songs like “Lotion” and “Dai the Flu” that focus on romantic love to sound like so much rampaging metal.

I foresee a future where homicidal fifteen-year-old goths will go to war against the 24-to-28 year old rapcore elders, with the punks being thoroughly uninterested. Yet the outcome will be that the goth kids win because they’re seeking death rather than some higher ground and, having zero to lose, will make them all the more bloodthirsty. The Deftones will kick plenty of ass in battle, though.

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