More Than Skin Deep


Some things never change, and the Fleshtones are one of them. They’ve been making solid, garage-based rock for what seems like forever, and this 1998 entry into their discography does not disappoint. Older members of the MTV generation may remember singer-keyboardist Peter Zaremba as the early host of The Cutting Edge, sort of the precursor to 120 Minutes. But Zaremba and partner-in-crime Keith Streng should be better remembered for making great party music like this. A Gretsch silverflake, a Farfisa, and a harmonica are all it takes to get a crowd going, and the Fleshtones know that better than anyone. Get it! Fleshtones: http://www.pro-net.co.uk/scaf/fhof.html Ichiban Records, 3991 Royal Drive NW, Kennesaw, GA 30144

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