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There are some very bright spots indeed on the Godzilla soundtrack. I like the cover of Bowie’s “Heroes” by the Wallflowers, “No Shelter,” from Rage Against the Machine, is superb, and Ben Folds Five turn in the delightfully Rundgren-ish “Air.” Current hotties Days of the New and Fuel also turn in accomplished tunes, and I kind of dug the tracks from Puff Daddy’s fuzzbubble and Joey Deluxe. I can even say that I found the Foo Fighters cut “A320” and the throw-away Green Day re-mix of “Brain Stew” to be disappointing but still enjoyable. Unfortunately, it would take all these tunes and 100 more classics to compensate for the biggest steaming heap of giant mutant monster dung ever to arrive on record. I’m speaking, of course, about “Come With Me,” the Puff Daddy rant featuring the classic Kashmir riff from Led Zeppelin. With this unholiest of alliances, Jimmy Page comes ever so close to completely obliterating my Godzilla-sized adoration for him. This is the worst adaptation of a tune since they turned Beethoven’s 5th into “No-Body’s-Home” for that answering machine tape. Ugh. You’ll have to excuse me, I’m gonna go shower with disinfectant, pour myself a stiff drink, and hope this is all a bad dream.

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